Dr Antonia Riley-de Boer Eshuis

Antonia Riley PhD is the Director of The Writing Horse: Creative Writing and Riding in the Sun. After a long career in academe, teaching American Studies, creative writing and media studies at Washington State University and the BRIT School for the Performing Arts and Technology in London amongst others, Antonia decided to combine her life-long love of riding horses and creative writing. She now arranges creative writing and riding workshops in the sun. Apart from The Writing Horse, Antonia runs a successful Finca combined with an Equestrian Centre in Andalucia, flies for a national airline and plays polo whenever she can. She also practices dressage on her white Lusitano, Selma.

Her background, which involves not only publishing academic, horse and sailing related work and a novel, but also includes a stint as Deputy Communications Director in charge of International Defence Exhibitions for a Dutch global concern, has made her sharply appreciate the vital role social media play in any interaction between a company, brand or individual and their audience.

Therefore, increasing collaboration between the equestrian world and social media is of extreme importance to all concerned and Antonia is proud to promote and judge the Equestrian Social Media Awards. These awards focus attention on the equestrian world and its many facets and opportunities; they inspire people to become involved, get out there in the social media and be successful in the world they love best: the world of the horse.

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