FF Criação

FF Criação has operated in the agribusiness industry since 1999, offering the best services in the field of equestrian marketing.

Headquartered in Brazil, the company always appreciates the quality of service, seeking partnerships with the best graphic designers and magazines, offering clients a complete service from creation to placement and layout of brands. They also provide advisory services to horse breeders, showing the best options for the animal.

In the auction to grant greater coverage in publicizing the event, developing catalogs and photography, development ́of email marketing, and monitoring of all stages of the event.

For these reasons FF Criação is a pioneer in the rural industry, working with large livestock producers.

The creation and development of the company is a result of the director's passion for horses, Raphael Simone Neto.

Since acquiring his first Quarter Horse, in 1984, discovered his new passion. Since then he has trained horses for several disciplines, among them endurance and reining.

The great involvement with the equestrian world made him unite business with pleasure, creating the company, FF Criação, an agency specializing in equestrian area.

Today, he set up partnerships with several quarter horse breeders practicing cutting, as his sport, and currently is also working to promote the sport of Ranch Sorting, participating in the organization of events in the southern region of the country.

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