Pieter Hemels

Pieter is a partner of Hemels van der Hart B.V. in Woudenberg, The Netherlands and in Hengelo Gelderland. Hemels van der Hart was set up in 1996 and is a communications consultancy company that helps customers to grow and add value what makes sense. Hemels van der Hart has developed several means to determine the effectiveness of communication and is leading in the field of online marketing.

Since 1990 Pieter has been very actively involved in developments in the field of online marketing and online strategy.

Pieter is also the owner of Webrep Associates. An online discipline of Hemels van der Hart. Webrep Associates offer a new form of service: they are the eyes, ears and voice of their clients on the internet. Principals consist of large companies and organizations that find it important to keep a good relationship with their customers. Webreps search where their clients are discussed on the internet, what is said about them and on behalf of the originator they go in conversation.

Pieter is a co-owner of e-quine.com. E-quine.com is an interactive online tutorial, developed on the initiative of Annemarie van der Toorn one of most well-known experts in the field of Dutch horses well-being – in collaboration with several leading universities and Hemels van der Hart.

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