Sara Silfverberg

Sara Silfverberg is one of the digital natives, growing up with a camera in one hand and the computer in the other.

But not only for digital, her heart has also pondered for horses, which has made equestrian sport to be a natural part of her life.

With a background and an education in the digital development and the digital innovation field, she is today working with brands as Falsterbo Horse Show, World Dressage Masters and Jan Brink (Tullstorp) as an innovator, brand manager and social media strategist. Together with her companion, she also runs the full-service agency Lovetown Castle and their digital TV production company Equestrian Digital, producing documentaries and short films within the equestrian field.

Moreover, meanwhile the many horse shows, Sara is also working with the extremely cutting edge education company Hyper Island, that is spreading knowledge to as well university students to advertising agencies and brands world wide, to provide them a way how to understand and move their brands and businesses into a digital world with endless of possibilities and challenges.
On top of this, Saras' favorite color is red, she loves strawberries but hates apples, cant get enough of good contemporary art and have her entire house full of king size poodles. And, if you ever get a chance to buy her a drink; weather it's champagne or dry martini: Think Dry. In fact, very dry…

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