Day five

The winners and placings:

6. Amateur rider
1 Shoestring Eventing (Judges commented: “Excellent storyteller with unique positioning.”)
2 Laura Keeley
3 Becci Harrold
4 Victoria Bax

9. Horse attire brand
1 Horseware Ireland
2 Professional Choice
3 Equifit
4 Pink Equine

12. Talking animal
1 The Fat Pony (Judges commented: “Super cute and fun page – really interactive.”)
2 Primrose Hill
3 Whiskey Ranch-Horse
4 Charles James Fox

15. Saddlery/tack shop
1 Equestrian Clearance
2 SmartPak
3 Derby House
4 Dover Saddlery

16. Best newcomer
1 Carr & Day & Martin (Judges commented: “A beautiful usage of facebook and a great way of inspiring people/users by different actions/competitions/involvement.”)
2 Professional Equine Grooms
3 Holly's Horse Haven
4 Summit Equine Nutrition

20. Celebrity
1 Katie Price (Katie commented: “As a keen horsewoman and lover of anything equine, I love that I can contribute towards an industry that I am passionate about with my own twist of clothing and equipment bringing glitz and glamour to the equine arena.

There are many traditional channels that KP Equestrian has utilised to raise awareness about its brand and offerings, and none so more important in recent times than the use of social media. Social Media is an important marketing tool that allows KP Equestrian to reach a wide audience instantly whereby you can advertise, promote, discuss and essentially drive traffic to your desired destination. For my businesses traditional and social media are now key aspects to my marketing activities.

Thank you very much for recognising our efforts in this field.”
2 Madeline Pickens
3 Clare Balding
4 William Shatner

And finally…

The World Award judged by the FEI’s Director of Corporate Communications, Richard Johnson:

Equestrian Lifestyle Magazine (Mexico)

Richard commented: “An organisation which provides great sports content, imagery and humour for horse lovers around the world”.

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