Day one

Today’s video can be viewed here:

The winners and placings:

2. Best use of Facebook
1 (Judges commented: “Facebook page is exemplary when it comes to hosting discussions and sharing.”)

2 The Pony Club
3 Stolen Horse International
4 Horse and Hound

18. Best equestrian social network
1 Horse and Hound Forum (Judges commented: “The widest variety of chat conversations of all. Allows you to access specific information easily. And has active users – when you post something you get a response quickly.”)

2 Chronicle of the Horse Forums
3 Equestrian Life
4 Barnmice

10. Best use of social media by a rider attire brand
1 Ariat (Judges commented: “Educational content that they share across platforms. Good response to fans’ comments.”)

2 Joules
3 Kerrits
4 Townend Online

11. Best use of social media by an event/competition
1 Badminton Horse Trials (Judges commented: “Great level of activity on different social media platforms.”)

2 Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event
3 Olympia
4 Burghley Horse Trials

26. Best use of social media in Central America

1 Equestrian Lifestyle Magazine (Judges commented: “Facebook nicely integrated with the brand and has good content. Good information for the target market.”)
2 Caballo TV
3 Caballos
4 Club Acicates

27. Best use of social media in South America
1 Mundo Equestre
2 PoloLine Argentina
3 Oi Athina Onassis Horse Show
4 Hipismobr

The full list of finalists, along with links to their websites can be found here:

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