Day three

The winners and placings:

1. YouTube channel
1 Burghley Horse Trials (Judges commented: “Brilliant videos which offer an insight in to the show and give great celeb interviews.”)

2 ParelliTube
3 HorseGirlTV
4 Pony Magazine

7. Feed company
1 The Pure Feed Company (Judges commented: “A company that gets brands, horses and conversational value in one!”)
2 SmartPak
3 Dodson & Horrell
4 Spillers

8. Publication
1 Horse and Hound (Judges commented: “Well considered and well rounded with many well deserved followers.”)

2 Chronicle of the Horse
4 Horse & Rider Magazine UK

30. Central and Southern Africa
1 Neigh-Bours
2 Summerhill Stud
3 Highveld Horse Care Unit
4 Dee's Saddlery

22. South-West Europe
1 Cavallo Magazine (Judges commented: “Really great use of social media, posting a lot of wonderful articles with strong photography to pull in viewers.”)

2 Horse Angels
3 Gucci Masters
4 Hippique & Chic

29. South-East Asia and Oceania
1 Mark Todd
2 The Horse Magazine
3 Alex Hua Tian
4 Horsemove Thailand

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