ESMA Week schedule announced

The judges' scores have been collated and combined with the 107,642 public votes. Richard Johnson, the FEI’s Director of Corporate Communications, has selected the winner of the World Award from the regional winners. We’re now ready to announce the winners of the 2013 PagePlay Equestrian Social Media Awards.

Finalists have created 30-second acceptance speech videos in which they’ve shown off their creative side. The five episodes have been put together. Finalists' videos make the ESMAs a unique experience for equestrians globally. They've put so much hard work into their acceptance speeches – truly Oscar-winning stuff.


YouTube channel
Feed Company
Publication – supported by Orchard Hosting
Newcomer – supported by
South-West Europe
North-West Europe
Africa and Middle East


Facebook – supported by World Desk
Horse Attire Brand – supported by Equine Careers
Talking Animal
Celebrity – supported by Lee Austin interior design
North America
Creative Equestrians – supported by the Equestrian Creative Network


Rider Attire Brand – supported by Equine Careers
Most Informative
FEI Solidarity Award
South-East Asia and Oceania
Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia


Professional Horseperson
Amateur Horseperson
UK & Ireland
Central America & Mexico
South America
Australia & New Zealand


Riding School
Saddlery or Tack Shop
Blog – supported by EquiRex
Broadcast Media
Event or Competition
Equestrian Social Network
World Award

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