Esmarelda gets a taste of Iceland, in Berlin

The latest leg of Esmarelda's world tour took her to Berlin to spend the weekend with ESMA finalist at the World Championships for Icelandic Horses. We spoke to Simone Fust from to see what she got up to…

What has Esmarelda been up to while in Berlin?

During her stay in Berlin Esmarelda accompanied to the World Championships for Icelandic Horses and enjoyed the party atmosphere of the Berlin summer. The adventure began at the historic Brandenburg Gate, where about 400 Icelandic riders and horses, arriving from different directions, met to celebrate the kick-off for the World Championships 2013 themed 'One world five gaits' – with Tölt and Pass in addition to walk, trot and canter the Icelandic horse has two gaits more. After a welcome by the Mayor of Berlin and the President of Iceland, the crowd moved on to open the Icelandic Horse World Championships with a big show at the race track in Berlin Karlshorst, where the little sport horses competed in different disciplines e.g. five gait or speed pass-test. In the following days Esmarelda helped to present this sport event to our readers.

Who did she meet?

Esmarelda met a lot of journalists from around the world in the media centre and she has helped us interview an artist and an author. Together with us she discovered the trade show of the World Championships where we met various equine business people and learned about riding in Iceland, breeding of Icelandic horses and many more.

Hope she wasn't too much of a diva?

I think she already enjoys her celebrity status and shows airs and graces, but all in a cute and lovable style and manner.

Tell us about is a German blog/online-magazine for grown-up horse lovers and riders. We love to present international equestrian events from our own point of view in words and pictures to our readers and to share the passion for art and design, horses and horse sports.

What impact has social media had on

Social media for us is a nice tool to quickly get in touch with many people sharing our enthusiasm for those fascinating horses, different disciplines of equestrianism and great ideas, inventions and involvement in the equine world. plus different social media channels work together as one. Activity in social networks brings new readers to our website and affords continuing interaction with many people.

What does the future hold?

We like to retain our special style and develop our kind of output consistently at once. In the near future we will show more nice brands, present interesting acts of the media and equestrian world to our readers and cover equestrian events.

Let's stay curious, open minded and see what the future holds for us…

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