Esmarelda goes on a US tour with ESMA finalist Horse Rush TV

We spoke to Tatiana from Frazzica Productions to see how Esmarelda got on during her US tour.

Tell us a little bit about Horse Rush TV and Frazzica Productions?

We produce equine related media/TV shows for horse companies. We also produce car TV shows. Most people would know us for our TV show, Horse Rush TV or The Way of the Horse, horse starting competition filmed at Equitana Australia now airing worldwide. We have been making horse TV shows and DVD's for 10 years now. Our current project is our first documentary film about the Indigenous horse of India the Marwari. This is a call to action documentary film. These stunning horses are living in horrendous conditions, they need help! We shot this in Rajasthan India Feb 2013 on the latest RED Epic amazing 4K sensor camera with renowned DP Ben Wolf from NYC. It is amazing. We have just launched our crowd funding campaign with some amazing rewards like a ride with the cast and crew in INDIA next year.

Where did she go and who did she meet?

Esmeralda arrived in my office the day we were leaving to the the USA on a 10 day trip. I felt bad leaving her so we packed her up and took her with us. We visited the Western States Horse Expo held every June in Sacramento CA where she caught up with some of the ESMA finalists. She had a lot of fun visiting their booths. After Horse Expo we headed to CA where we visited Del Mar racetrack and the very famous Mary's Tack in Del Mar. Our tour guide was Equine Craniosacral Therapist, (world renowned) Maureen Rodgers. We then headed to NYC where we had a meeting with the NYPD mounted branch. Our favourite photo is with Detective Rilley taken at Times Square NYC. She got a private tour and we got to go through all the memorabilia. Stay tuned for a doco coming soon!…Of course we did a bit of shopping in NYC and went to check out the ponies at Central Park. After NYC it was straight back to Melbourne Australia where we had to film a video and attend the Sandi Simons clinic (one of Australia's finest horse trainer) which was been shot for Equine Excellence magazine. Esmeralda horsed around there… see photos lol.

Hope she wasn't too much of a diva?

Esmeralda got lucky on the flight from Melbourne to LA and got upgraded to Business class. She did demand champagne instead of water. In NYC she insisted on a photo in the NYPD mounted unit when we where asked not to photograph some parts. On the way home from NYC she asked for an upgrade and got lucky again. She did not want to be photographed she was exhausted.… Apart from that she was received very well by all.

What's coming up on the horizon?

We have a number of new TV shows coming out on Horse & Country TV and HRTV in USA. Sandi Simons, Ken Faulkner, The Way of the Horse 2012 and of course our big project our first film. Marwari.

We loved having her. Please visit again soon.

Tat and Horse Rush TV crew.

Check out all the image from Esmarelda's US and Australian trip on the ESMA Facebook album.