Esmarelda practices her French

What has Esmarelda been up to during her trip to Equidia?

Esmeralda visited the production department and helped the guys to produce the TV shows by selecting the right camera at the right time. She was really helpful!

She also worked on the community website of Equidia – EquidiaClub. She helped the manager to negotiate the promotions for the fans and publish the content on the website and emailing.
She finally came on stage to introduce the equestrian competition.

Who did she meet?

She met Pascal Boutreau who is the responsible of editorial content at and presenter on Equidia Life. She met Julien Michaud – Manager of Digital marketing and EquidiaClub, Maud Vogel – Manager of Equidia Radio, along with the communications team and all the TV production team.

Tell us a little bit about Equidia?

Equidia was launched in 1999 and became the first specialist channel for horses. In 2011, the channel split into two channels
Equidia Live – just for horse racing fans, and Equidia Life – for equestrian competition or the horses in general.

Equidia today is:

The 3rd largest sport TV channel in France, with,
20 million subscribers
3.5 million monthly viewers
6 million viewers all support included
2,800 live TV
5,000 horse races broadcasted/year

What's on the horizon for Equidia?

Equidia has decided to take the digital turn. The live TV is available on the website and two smartphone applications have been launched (Equidia and Equidia Radio).

A second screen application and a new version of the website will be launched in October. Social networks are included in all Equidia projects

To view all the photos from her trip check out the album on the ESMA Facebook Page.