Esmarelda returns to Aus to visit Rider's Diary

What has Esmarelda been up-to with with you? We hope you put her to work!

It's school holidays here in Melbourne so Esmarelda got to hang out with the kids. She joined us for a pony Dressage lesson where the kids practiced their Dressage tests for a Pony Club competition next weekend. Then it was then Esmarelda's turn to show us her stuff in the 'Riders Diary' CIC*** Horse Trials!! My daughter Ava took her through her paces, competing Dressage, Cross Country and Jumping, all recorded in her Riders Diary of course!! Esmeralda placed 1st! With a beautiful test and lovely jumping! She even finished on her Dressage Score!! Then it was off to a Trail Ride in the Bush with me, she held on tight for a gallop up the hills, we had a great time in the Aussie Bush!

Who did she meet?

She met the Riders Diary team, me Claire, my children and their friends! And the ponies of course! She also got to share her bed time with my daughter's Schleich horses LOL.

Tell us about Rider's Diary

The Riders Diary is a paper record keeping log book, available in a Health, Competition and Training Binder to Dated Pocket Diaries with Health, agistment/livery etc. The Diary focusses on the 2 ring Binder version where the pages can be tailored to suit the rider's discipline and horses needs. And covers over 20 refill subjects from Dressage, Horsemanship, Endurance and Pony Club. The rider's DATE their pages as needed, which means the diary makes a wonderful training companion and keepsake of their riding future. The dated diaries complement the binder.

What's been the biggest impact of social media on Rider's Diary?

As a stay a home mum social media has played an enormous role in expanding my business. Word of mouth travels fast and the love of Equestrian is worldwide. Social Media has taken my horse books around the world to all disciplines. And I can do it all with an international time zone when the kids are in bed! The rider's are fabulous sharing their thoughts and suggestions on the fan page which help create a much wanted and much loved product. I only wish I could jump in the post with it sometimes, especially to the far to reach destinations from down under!

What does the future hold for Rider's Diary?

The Health, Competition & Training Binder is about to head to the printers for its 3rd print edition! NEW Refill designs will see over 29 Refill designs… (this time including WESTERN disciplines)!
The 2014 Dated Diaries will see a Pocket Diary and an A5 dated Diary. Also some new international sponsored riders coming on board to continue with the global reach. Very exciting.

Thank you to ESMA for sending Esmarelda to Riders Diary, we have enjoyed every minute of her stay, and will miss her dearly.

Warmest Regards
Claire Wilson xx

To find out more about Rider's Diary visit their website.

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