Emily Corcoran

Emily Corcoran is an equestrian photographer, international marine biologist and life-long horse owner and rider. Through emilycorcoranphotography.co.uk she has enjoyed working with other equestrian media professionals on varied projects within the equestrian world.

Emily's photography career began with communicating complex, essential messages about the conservation of our oceans, and has developed to encompass also her personal commitment to and interest in the equestrian world. Emily now works with many clients, both private and corporate, leisure and competition riders, using her own equestrian knowledge and experience alongside her technical skills and keen eye for detail to express the grace and majesty of horses and the unique nature of the partnerships that develop between horse and rider.

An active member of the Equestrian Creative Network, and regular user of many social media tools help Emily to engage with the wider photographic, equestrian and marine conservation communities. She understands and values the extra reach they can bring to her own business and to those of other users.

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