Pressing pause on the Equestrian Social Media Awards

Equestrian Digital Enterprises – the company behind the Equestrian Social Media Awards (ESMAs) and the Equestrian Creative Network - today announced that the massively successful 2014 installment of the awards would be the last for a while.

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What the industry says

The ESMAs are innovative for getting the equestrian community together to promote the sport and lifestyle we all love socially. Being nominated, and then named a winner of these international awards is a huge honor for We're proud to be part of the ESMAs from the very beginning and look forward to every year.

Megan Arszman, Web Producer for

The ESMAs have showcased the rapidly growing equestrian social communities around the world. The growth and speed of the equestrian social community is something we should all be proud of. The sheer scope of groups, online communities and online campaigns is showcasing the sport to hundreds of thousands of exiting and new fans of the sports we all passionately support in creative, informative and fun ways.

Richard Johnson, FEI's Director of Corporate Communications

Haber sido considerado dentro de los ESMAs fué una gran alegria y haber sido finalista un gran logro y orgullo para, sitio web Mexicano . Además, después recibimos información y retroalimentación que nos permitió hacer ajustes y cambios que traerán grandes mejoras. Esperamos estar nuevamente para el 2014 en varias categorías.

Jorge González, Caballo TV

The ESMAs have successfully brought the equestrian world together in a way that few other initiatives have ever achieved. The Horse & Hound team is extremely proud of the ESMAs it has won to date and is looking forward to next year's ceremony.

Carol Philips - Horse & Hound

Being considered for the ESMAs was a great joy and being a finalist a great achievement and pride for Mexican website. In addition, information and feedback we receive after that allowed us to make adjustments and changes that will bring great improvements. We hope to be back for 2014 in several categories!

Jorge González, Caballo TV

The Equestrian Social Media Awards are a superb way of promoting social media prowesse in the equestrian sector. Whatever the size of the business, social media creates a level playing field, where the big players are viewed against sole traders. It's a valuable promotional tool for equestrian businesses and also unites the equestrian world globally.

Rhea Freeman, ESMA Judge

Having invested in social media for several years now, we were honored to be selected as a 2012 ESMA finalist. The fact that the nomination came from the riders in our community tells us they're enjoying our content and engaging with our brand, and for us, there's no better definition of winning.

Bekky Maloney, SmartPak

The Equestrian Social Media Awards are a fantastic way to celebrate our vibrant equestrian community. From sharing important news, to reaching out to clients, building awareness for a great cause or making new ones, social media plays a crucial role in our daily lives and the ESMAs allow us to recognize, discover and connect with equestrians around the world who have also embraced this great tool.

Patricia Da Silva, EcoGold


Equestrian Creative Network

Equestrian Creative Network