Emily Mayman

Em is a professional artist based in the UK specialising in equine commissions, limited original work for sale and now also pet commissions due to popular demand.

Her work has been included in various publications, including the 2011 collab of “Horse Sayings: Wit and Wisdom” by B.Wheler and in 2012, Margrit Coates's latest multi-translated book “Communicating With Animals” included two pieces of requested artwork and personal thanks from the author.

When time allows, she occasionally exhibits her work; currently it features in the International Equine Artists “Fluidity Of Horses” 8 month exhibit. In 2011 she received the Margaret Reynolds Award at Yorkshires popular Cawood Festival for her piece 'Listen'. Currently Emily creates a masterclass series “Equine Features in Art” for the Equestrian Creative Network.

She is proud to have been asked to become a member of the Judging Panel for the 2014 ESMA's: “Social Media has really taking off in the Equestrian World, with brands and riders able to offer more advice and support than ever before. It's brilliant to see so many recognised for their hard work each year and also taking pride in becoming finalists.”

Aside from artwork, Em is an equine nursing student at two veterinary clinics and intends to begin a FdSc in Equine Nursing after her 25th. She is an Area Rep for the BGA and manages a private yard where her three horses reside; her 36 year old veteran, Scurry-wantobe Welsh pony and the handsomely spotted 'Spud'. Home sports a small number of parrots, some of which come from a partnered charity, and a pinecone infatuated giant black labrador! When the chances arise, she also dabbles with photography, fishing, archery, sight seeing with the Mr and ice sliding in the winter.

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